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The NYADI LIbrary is available to students, staff, and faculty. We are a member of the education team and are ready to assist you in your search for knowledge - for your schoolwork and your lifelong needs.  Ask us questions.  Even if we don't have the answer; we know where to find it.

Visit us 24/7 online on this guide (website) or come see us in person during school hours.

Look in the boxes below for more information or use the tabs at the top to visit pages of interest.

Enjoy your stay.


This guide is a website, composed of pages and boxes.  The pages, such as this one "Home", are named in the red tabs under the banner.  Try each one to find out what information it contains.  Boxes are what the "articles" arranged on each page are called.  Each box contains information on a specific subject and/or collections of links to different sources or videos on topics.  Some boxes may be repeated on more than one page, if relevant.  Information will be updated as needed and new information will be added on a regular basis.  Enjoy!



Anyone who lives, works, or attends school in NYC is entitled to use each of the three main library systems.  To join, bring proof of name (picture ID) and proof of address or school attendance.  See each library website for specifics.

‚ÄčFind your library system in NYC: 

Each of these sytems has dozens of community branches and central and special subject libraries for research needs.  If you are not already a member, join now and be sure to bring your children.  In addition to books and a/v media offerings in most major languages, they host numerous programs, events, and services for all ages and needs.  See what they offfer to you.

Another great resource is the Internet Public Library2, a resource created by librarians.  Just one of their offerings is direct access to newspapers all over the world.  Check them out at:




Copyright literally means the right to copy.  New York Automotive and Diesel Institute supports the Copyright Laws of the United States as contained on the official site at   The "Fair Use Doctrine" does not apply to private institutions such as NYADI.

It is important to remember that materials found online or in hard copy are assumed to be protected by copyright, whether or not that is stated on the material.   

Copying includes presenting (showing) films or music or other works to audiences, whether or not money is charged; cutting and pasting into another document without attribution (citation) or in large amounts, even with attribution, and distributing or displaying in any format.

Certain materials are available for copying and/or distributing: those in the public domain (generally older materials whose copyright has expired or materials created by a US government agency with proper attribution; materials for which you have written permission from the copyright holder; materials from Creative Commons or any such source under the rules set by that organization; materials you have created yourself and have not transferred copyright from.  

Find out more on citing sources (attribution) under the tab called  Research and Writing.