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New York Automotive & Diesel Institute LIBRARY: Part Time Jobs

The road to knowledge.


Education will help you get a good job; but education costs money and sometimes students need to earn while they learn.

Ideally the part time job that you get should be in your career field.  This will help you make contacts and get some experience.  But the most important requirement is that the job fits around your school schedule.

What to do?  

  • Think about businesses that have jobs available on weekends or times of day that you are not in school.  Which of these  jobs are you qualified for? Where are they?
  • Talk to friends and fellow students who may have entry level jobs that interest you.
  • Always be prepared to apply.  This means that you dress right and carry a resume when you go shopping, eat out, or are just hanging out.  Everywhere you go, there are people working.  If they are doing something you can do; be ready to inquire and apply.
  • Go to the Department of Labor, job fairs, and internet job sites.

Good Luck!


All of the following job search sites are FREE.  Be sure to not use personal information on any online resume.  Give email address instead of mailing address.  No dates of school attendance, license numbers, or other specifics that might enable identity theft.


Many local newspapers have online versions with classified ads.  These can be the best place to find part time work in your area.  Here are a few.