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New York Automotive & Diesel Institute LIBRARY: Careers

The road to knowledge.


Susan, the Director, and  her Assistant, Venessa,  are here to assist you on your path to success.  Our mission is to motivate, develop, and encourage students and graduates, enabling them to become successful in their careers.

The process begins with providing assistance to active students interested in part-time employment.

In the student’s final course of study, the Career Service Department continues to assist students in their job search for permanent employment.  We provide individual counseling, letters of recommendation, assistance with resume writing and job interview techniques.

Yearly Job Fairs are scheduled to offer the students and graduates an opportunity to network with representatives from the Automotive, Diesel and Collision industries.

Resumes, cover letters, and recommendation letters are completed by the Career Services Department, and students and graduates are prepped on interviewing skills. Classrooms are prepared for private discussions and seminars.

Don't forget - lifetime placement assistance is available to all graduates.  Call us for an appointment at 718 658 0006 ext. 4011 or 4025, when you are ready for a career move.  

PLEASE NOTE: A valid NYS Drivers License is necessary for work in your field of study.

See the boxes below for more information and links to useful sites.


Getting and keeping a good job depends on a combination of elements sometimes called “the three A’s”.  These “A’s” stand for attendance, attitude, and ability. Please note the order.

Attendance is primary.  If you are absent you are accomplishing nothing and contributing nothing.

Attitude is next in importance.  An agreeable personality and a willingness to learn, coupled with respect and good manners, will make your manager and colleagues willing to spend time with you in training.

Ability is necessary to keep the job.  When you are first hired, your employer expects you to be a trainee.  With the right attitude, your ability will increase as you learn the rules and methods of your workplace.  Soon you will be an experienced worker, and getting ready for your next stage in your career.

Custom Training Group

Inspection License Application



Certified Motor Vehicle Inspector

Description - A certified New York State motor vehicle inspector examines motor vehicles at a licensed New York State inspection station to ensure that motor vehicles operating on New York State highways meet all requirements established by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles.

Certification Requirements  - Applicants seeking to become a certified motor vehicle inspector in New York State must submit an application (DMV Forms) to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, Bureau of Consumer and Facility Services, PO Box 2700, Albany, New York 12220-0700. The latest information and requirements for certification are available on the website of the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles. .

Age Requirement - Applicants seeking to become a certified motor vehicle inspector in New York State must be at least 17 years of age.

Education and/or Experience - Applicants must have at least one year of experience in repairing motor vehicles within the last five years immediately preceding the date of filing an application, obtained in a firm in the automotive industry or in an approved cooperative work study program offering training in the automotive field; or a high school or vocational school diploma in vocational automotive trades or college certification of successful completion of first year course towards an AAS degree in automotive technology.

$25 -- $10 non-refundable application fee and $15 three-year certification fee.
$15 -- Three-year certification renewal fee

Examination Requirements - Applicants must attain a minimum passing score of 70 percent on the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles written test.

  • Examination Description - Group 1 allows an individual to conduct safety, diesel emissions, OBD II inspections, and low enhanced emissions inspections of motor vehicles that have a seating capacity, as indicated on the vehicle registration certificate, under 15 passengers, and motor vehicles and trailers under 18,001 pounds.
  • Group 2 allows an individual to conduct safety and diesel emissions inspections of motor vehicles that have a seating capacity, as indicated on the vehicle registration certificate, over 14 passengers, motor vehicles and trailers that have a MGW, over 18,000 pounds and semi-trailers.
  • Group 3 allows an individual to conduct safety inspections of motorcycles.

Licensing Authority - New York State Department of Motor Vehicles

Bureau of Consumer and Facility Services
P.O Box 2700
Albany, New York 12220-0700
(518) 474-7998

Standard Occupational Classification - 53-6051 - Transportation Inspectors

To learn more about this occupation search the Occupational Information Network (O*Net).

Disclaimer: Fees stated and other information contained in this report are subject to change. Please contact the licensing authority listed above for the most current information.



Apply online to the following major automotive employers or see your career counselor in Student Services for more information.


You filled in and sent the application and you have been asked to come in for an interview.

What do you need to do before the day?

  • Make sure you have a list of all impossible days and times.  Not difficult - impossible.  While you should accommodate the employer, you are not yet hired and may have a very important prior engagement.  Be open and honest.
  • Find out how to get there, not just the route but how much time it will take.  Allow extra time for travel emergencies, but do not be more than 10 minutes early.  Walk around the neighborhood, if necessary.
  • Get all your paperwork in order and put it in a nice folder.  

What should you wear?

  • The general rule is to wear what you would wear to work, but nicer.  In other words, if it is an office job, you might wear a suit.  
  • For a job in retail sales, a nice shirt and tie and business slacks would work.  Women should dress conservatively and in business attire.  
  • BUT, for a job in automotive repair or maintenance, you should wear a clean, pressed work shirt and pants with appropriate shoes.  Hair tied back, no rings or bracelets and bring your goggles. You may be asked to demonstrate or be walked through the service area.  Clean hair, shave, clean trimmed fingernails will be expected.  Women should also watch out for large or dangling earrings or necklaces,

How should you act?

  • Confident
  • Polite
  • Interested

Stand and sit tall.  Turn off your phone. Pay attention.  Say nice things about the shop or business.  Smile.  Be the person you would like to work with.

 Remember: If you want to work somewhere you should present yourself as a model worker in that business.



Career Services will assist students with finding employment while they are still enrolled in school IF they have completed two segments. This will allow enough time for us to evaluate their grades, attendance, and abilities.  NYADI can not recommend or make an appointment for an unknown person or we would risk losing credibility with our industry contacts.  

Two segments equals 6 weeks of day classes or 10 weeks of evening classes.