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New York Automotive & Diesel Institute LIBRARY: Money Management

The road to knowledge.


Investing is putting money, property, or action towards a goal.  We invest money in a business or government that uses that money towards its own goals.  We hope that they succeed and pay us some share of the profit. Sometimes we invest in property hoping to rent it out or wait for it to go up in price.  In every case, the main goal is growth or profit.  

Our parents and caretakers invested in our physical and mental development to make us who we are today. We continue to invest in ouselves by healthy eating, exercise, and learning.  By attending school and studying we earn dividends on that investment in our mental improvement.  Learning and being open to new challenges pays off in ways beyond the financial: friendships and other personal relationships, improved mental and physical abilities, better communication skills, enjoyment, and self satisfaction.

Improving our abilities and skills can also lead to increased earnings.  Increases in earnings give us an opportunity to save and to invest those savings in further money making schemes.

The formula for investing in yourself : Learning +  Acting +  Saving =  Growth.



Tips on money management and budgeting can also be found in the following magazines in the NYADI collection:

  • Consumer Reports Money Advisor
  • Money
  • Parents



The following site has almost every money management tool you will ever need.



Money management starts with budgeting, which is nothing more than an evaluation of your income and a plan for spending.  This will help you set realistic goals and save towards them. had some useful tools to get you started at

This is a good article on debt 

The Simple Dollar is a blog on economical living.  You might find some good ideas here on how to reduce your expenses or make good spending choices



The following site helps you plan your life so that your future financial situation will meet your goals.  It is never too early to start a plan.


Almost all public facilities, and many private enterprises offer student discounts.  This includes theaters, museums, bookstores, parks, zoos, and more.  Always carry your student ID card and look for special pricing.  New York has many free or low-cost things to do.  Enjoy!